Coach Jerrod Johnson anticipated to bring great improvements


Being a coach is not an easy job to say the least.

The job of “coach” provides a variety of challenges from scheming, strategizing and teaching to dealing with bratty teenage kids, or parents who think their children is the best at their sport, to bosses demanding more and more success, to being around the sport you played and loved so much but not being able to participate fully in it.

jerrod-photoIn the face of these challenges, former Texas A&M legend Jerrod Johnson stepped up to plate and so far in his first two seasons as an assistant football coach has helped the team significantly.

Well known for his great play as an Aggie in the late 2000’s to 2010, Jerrod Johnson, or Coach Jerrod as his players know him, has contributed to the football program as an assistant quarterbacks coach last season helping Michael Keating ’16 to a very successful senior campaign at the offensive helm and an eventual Division 1AA offer and as the head quarterbacks coach this season helping Peyton Matocha ’19 to the great success in his Sophomore season at the helm of the offense.


Coach Jerrod became a coach for a variety of reasons but his main inspiration came from his family.

Coach Jerrod received his degree in education from Texas A&M so whenever football was done he wanted to coach and St. Thomas gave him the opportunity to do so.

Coach Jerrod will definitely prove to be an invaluable piece of the St. Thomas football program for many years to come.

“It’s in my family. My mom is a coach. My dad is a coach. My brother is a coach.”

Jerrod Johnson, Football coach

“Being a quarterback you’re exposed to a lot of…the administrative things that come with being part of a team so we worked in close quarters with the coordinators and the head coach.”

Jerrod Johnson, Football coach

Elliot is a senior and is The Eagle's sports editor. He's a starter on the football team and is a heavy weight wrestler.