For students, the Strake game is THE time of the year. A time to showcase Eagle pride and to overwhelm the Jesuits with school spirit. Photo by: Luis Sanchez

Football is a huge part of life, especially for Texans.

Freshman and all those new to the school, you must understand how important it is to attend football games.  The stands are always full and there are plenty of opportunities to meet your fellow eagle brothers.

At games you will meet new people and more importantly, girls. Homecoming is arriving quicker than you might realize, football games are a great way to find a potential date.

I went to every home game last year and I am glad I did. I met new people and I had a blast. Even if you don’t like football, you can go just to socialize. I have had friends who didn’t go to games because they thought it would be a blowout, however last year we totally crushed Kinkaid and that ended up being one of the most fun games of the year.

Students playfully bring out a dead gorilla in memorium. Photo by: Luis Sanchez
Students playfully bring out a dead gorilla in memorium. Photo by: Luis Sanchez

If you cannot stand watching football and do not want to attend, try to suck it up and make an effort to attend at least the Strake game or the Pius game. Those games are always well attended and usually are close games that end up in a last minute scoring play for a win. Two years ago Landon Malouf silenced the Jebbies (at Strake) and brought us a win in the last seconds of the game.

If you enjoy football and plan on attending the games, don’t just go to the home games, I made that mistake as a freshman. But as a sophomore I attended all the games with an exception of the games out in Beaumont and I was glad I did.

Robert is a Junior at Saint Thomas. He is a Sagittarius. When he is not dominating his fantasy football league, he enjoys spending time with family and friends.