Frankie Mandola’s sports legacy


On the eighth of July 2016 long time St Thomas sports legend Frankie B. Mandola ’65 passed away at the age of 68.

“Frank and his family have a long history with the school.They (he and his St. Thomas peers) all made a big difference in this place and set a tone for how we’ve been athletically and as a school community wise since back in the day. Once he left here he made a real point of giving back and he took a lot of pride in this place probably more so than anything he did.”

Mike Netzel, Athletic director

A member of the 1964 State Champion Football team, the 1964 and 1965 State Championship Baseball teams, an All-American in football, an outstanding baseball player and most importantly an outstanding member of the Houston community Frankie B. Mandola left his mark on many people. Specifically his legacy to St. Thomas is one of hard work, trail blazing and success.

Frank’s legacy to St. Thomas sports specifically is also one of great importance. His individual accomplishments were extraordinarily numerous in both Football and Baseball however his greatest accomplishment was a team accomplishment.  He was a member of the legendary 1964 State Championship Football team that started the great dynasty of the 60’s and early 70’s with other St. Thomas greats like Larry Stegent ’66 and John Sage ’65.

“The 1964 state championship team set a tone, not only for St. Thomas football, but for the sports program as a whole.  They showed how you, as a team, have pull for one another and that’s why they are still close today.”

Mike Netzel, Athletic director

After his time at St. Thomas, Frankie B. Mandola went on to great sports success at Rice University as a starting Offensive Lineman for the football team and a starting First Basemen for the baseball team. Frankie graduated from Rice University in 1969 and his influence is still felt today. Frankie provides catering to thousands of Rice students every day, a true testament to his loyalty to his roots and his skill as a restaurateur.

After graduating from Rice in 1969 he went on to great success in the Restaurant business opening up many successful Restaurants such as Ragin Cajun, and successfully co-owning Damians Cucina Italiana. He was inducted into the St. Thomas Sports Hall of Fame in 2004. His impact was felt by many and he will be remembered by many more.

Elliot is a senior and is The Eagle's sports editor. He's a starter on the football team and is a heavy weight wrestler.