Student Body President Ryan Chandler (center) and the Student Council have been working tirelessly to make sure Fall Olympics goes off without a hitch.

That’s right. It is back. After its bye year, Fall Olympics is bigger than ever.

This is all in due part to the new and improved Student Council.

With the revival of old favorites and the addition of new activities, the stage is set.  A successful day of both competition and relaxation for all students is promised.

For freshmen and sophomores, this is a day that is currently living in infamy. You might have heard about its existence repeatedly, but have little knowledge of its actual purpose.

New additions are bolstering the lineup of available activities, including Foot Darts and Archery Tag. No matter what you are interested in, there is sure to be something for everyone.

As someone who has been fortunate enough to experience Fall Olympics before, my biggest piece of advice is to not worry about making all of your events or following a strict schedule. In all likelihood, neither of those things will happen.

Do not stress about sprinting to events you signed up for. Fall Olympics is intended to be a day of relaxation and fun, so whether that means lighting it up in dodgeball or sitting back and eating eight bags of Doritos, just do whatever your heart desires.

In previous years, Fall Olympics has been embraced with great excitement by the student body. Seeing as half of the student body has never been exposed to the joys of Fall Olympics, I cannot wait to see how it goes.

This year, another dimension of service has been added to this day. We are playing, eating, and relaxing to raise money for developing countries. We are thus obligated to exemplify what this school is really about while still having a good time.

Jake is a Senior at St. Thomas High School. He has been involved in many activities during his high school career, including holding the prestigious title of Senior Associate in the Business Club. In his free time he enjoys Arts and Crafts and watching reruns of the Amanda Show. After school you can probably catch him going home because he is tired and wants to take a nap.