All fun and games: Intramural Sports Club


Intramural Sports

by Henry Adair

One of the more interesting new clubs this year is the Intramural Sports Club.

Intramurals creates a laid-back environment where students can enjoy sports together, no matter how talented they may be.

The Intramural Sports club is great for those who want to stay active and be a part of an organization, especially if they do not have time for team sports.

Every Wednesday, the club heads over to the gym in the Joplin Campus to play some sports and to have fun.

“There is a leadership council and we help plan certain activities and tournaments. We hope to eventually get permission from the Law Enforcement High School to be able to use their fields and swimming pool for outside and aerobic sports,”

Chase Stanley, junior

This week, they were playing pick-up basketball. They were able to use the gym from right after school, until 5:15.

“We’ve started a basketball league with eight teams and the champion team gets to play the teacher all-star team and we are planning on starting new sports like soccer, flag football, and kickball,”

Asher Price, senior

Henry Adair is a Junior at St. Thomas High School. He takes pictures for the newspaper and yearbook. He enjoys art, science, and video games.