Battlefield 1 defies expectations, looks to overtake Call of Duty


Running out of ideas on how to move forward into the future, EA decides to take a step back from making guns that shock people through walls and turned back the clock.

Battlefield 1 is World War I like you have never seen it before. Literally. The First Person Shooter (FPS) market at this time is not very inclined to run on trench warfare and typical dog-fighting.

Instead, the warfare is just like every single other FPS where you run around, never listen to what anyone else says, and dive bomb your plane into a single enemy (also historically inaccurate, Japan did no kamikaze missions in WWI).

While the lack of historic battle styles upsets me, it is very understandable. Most people wouldn’t buy a game where you crouch in the dirt for 5 minutes, pop your head out once, and either crouch back down or be shot.

Battlefield 1 will be the first game in the acclaimed series to feature combat on horseback.
Battlefield 1 will be the first game in the acclaimed series to feature combat on horseback.

Because of this, I am putting my fascination with the World Wars aside and judging this game like any other Battlefield.

And I have to say, this one is bound to be my favorite. I only got to spend a little bit of time on the open beta that took place a couple weeks ago, but what I did get to do was quite the experience.

My favorite part about the game has to be the weapons. Satisfying to my history-loving side, and fun enough for my game-loving side. The weapons are all incredibly dynamic to what we’ve seen in the past from other titles with their six slightly different SMGs.

Each weapon available in the beta felt like it had its own unique role and was good at getting that task done. I also can’t believe how much fun I had with the vehicles.

Battlefield is known for having fun and hilarious vehicle usage in the past, and I think this may be the best they have done yet. You just feel so powerful sitting in an airplane flying right over the enemy team to gun them down.

Battlefield 1 is definitely going to be worth your time. It is bound and expected to be the big release in October, easily overpowering whatever new Call of Duty is coming out.