Walk-a-Thon platinum incentives well worth hefty price tag

Is buying Platinum worth it?


In case you missed it, Walk-a-Thon was a blast! #stuco

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Let’s face it, Walk-a-Thon is a major event.

The money accumulated through the Walk-a-thon affects the number of sponsored events by student council. The more participants, the more events student council can set up for the students. The more money raised, the bigger the budget. The bigger the budget, the better these events are.

There has been a decline in Walk-a-Thon participants over the recent years. The dwindling budget results in fewer activities and a lower student body morale. For example, Fall Olympics is one of the most anticipated events of the year, but it was denied. The school relies on Platinum members, and the incentives are worth the cost.

Platinum maintains a steep price of $100, but the perks it comes with have greater value. For example, they get a free ticket to the homecoming dance. That alone is almost the full $100. There are also many more perks. Last year, students took a trip to Top Golf worth.

“I have never bought Platinum,” Andrew Leyendecker said, “but this year if the incentives are appealing, I definitely will.”

The money raised for Student Council is necessary for the enjoyable events we love. Thus, it is necessary to recognize the importance of Walk-a-Thon. The administration has made an effort to better the school’s atmosphere, but have a responsibility as well. We as students motivate the year’s success. Being a platinum member is a prominent way to do so.

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