iOS 10, iPhone 7, and EarPods


Image result for ios 10Much controversy surrounds Apple’s latest installment of the iPhone and software update. iOs 10, the latest update in the Apple family, is made for a user who likes personal setting and a whole bunch of other nonsense.

Many of the updates are in and around the message format and the way we text with things like invisible ink, hand written messages, and celebratory animations because talking to people is out-dated so the anti-socialism increases with iMessage. These make the phone more lively if texting is your main form of communication. When your phone is blowing up with texts and pictures you can respond to them right on the lock screen without unlocking your phone.

Emojis, as usual, are revamped to act more like stickers so that you can “stick” them onto text bubbles. A new innovative feature is emoji read, which takes words like basketball, taco, and pizza and replaces them with the emoji icon which corresponds with the word. Siri also now has the ability to access apps such as lift and operate them just by your voice.

Apple has integrated helpful apps into the base apps such as the map app; now apps like OpenTable are accessible through the map app where you can make a reservation right in the program. Apple Pay makes buying things online much safer and easier with fingerprint I.D. Over all the update is good, but dealing with changes on your phone is a real female dog, but this is an update worth adapting to.

iphone7plus-jetblk-34br_iphone7-jetblk-34l_pr-printThe iPhone 7. No aux jack, no home button, no problem. The iPhone 7 has the best and most protective screen to date with 3D touch, brighter display, and a wider color gradient.

Though Apple says the jet black phone is a new innovation, if you recall the iPhone 4 and 4s had the same finish. The camera has been improved because your picture on Instagram has to be perfect even though nobody cares that much.

But for the real photo buffs and stalkers, the iPhone 7 Plus’s camera is for you with its wide angle lens and telephoto lens. The duo camera makes being a creep much easier. The A10 fusion chip, Apple’s new battery and processing unit, is the most powerful unit of any smart phone. All of this for the price of an aux port. In short, these updates are not worth it.

In the words of Apple, the iPhone 7 is not only faster but more efficient. One of the actual upsides to this aux-less coaster of a phone is longer battery life. The speaker system was improved to have dual sound to allow audio through both ends of the phone, but a Mophie case and a 6s gets you the same things plus the all mighty aux.

airpodscase-pf-open_airpods-pf-float_pr-printWith the aux removed Apple has innovated with the AirPods, which are easy-to-lose pills that go in your ears.

With this in mind Apple still holds the AirPods as the crowing jewel on the crown of wireless earphones. Pods are good, they allow for a more enjoyable experience. AirPods introduce an effortless wireless listening experience that has never been possible before, packed with high quality audio and long battery life. But, in the end, the AirPods end up as a commodity and particularly pricey.

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