Best Players for Fantasy (Sleepers, Keepers, and Stars)


Fantasy football is loved by all.

In order to accumulate as much success as possible, research is necessary. First off, I will start with describing the best picks for each position.

The best quarterback in the league is, by far, Cam Newton. His ability to both run for yardage and throw pinpoint passes allots to tremendous potential for a second year of fantasy dominance.

The best running back in the league is Todd Gurley. Although he seems to be underperforming at the moment, he will gain traction as the Rams have limited options other than running the ball. Le’veon Bell is also starting out hot.

The best wide receiver, without a doubt, is Antonio Brown and the best tight end is Rob Gronkowski. The best defense is up for debate. I think it would have to be the Cardinals. And lastly, the best kicker in the league is Stephen Gotskowsk who never fails to average around double digit fantasy points.

A great pick up at QB is Tyrod Taylor. Taylor is young, but has a tremendous arm. He also has Sammy Watkins at receiver, who can catch anything if Tyrod throws it up to him. Another threat Tyrod offers is his legs. He is one of the fastest QBs who consistently scrambles for touchdowns.

Next, a running back who will shine bright this year is Thomas Rawls. He was not ranked high in the running backs this year, which was a mistake. Last year, when beast mode got injured, Rawls filled his shoes and then some. He is going to perform above his projection, and he has tremendous trade value.

Michael Thomas of the New Orleans Saints has tons of potential. Sean Payton says he has a Marques Colston vibe.  In fact, Payton said that if he played fantasy football, he would draft Michael Thomas.

Moving on to tight ends, Vance McDonald of the 49ers will shock the fantasy world this year. Chip Kelly is the new head coach of San Francisco, and based on Zach Ertz intended targets when playing for the Philadelphia Eagles, we know that he likes to get his tight end involved.

There are your top picks and sleepers for the season, and trust me on these facts, I have won my fantasy league for 4 years straight and it is about to be 5.

Ay ay ay ay trav