Third floor parking privilege necessary for juniors

The parking garage is a labyrinth of decision. As students pull in, choosing which spot to take is an important and difficult choice.

Every day I arrive to school, the second floor is predominantly full, but the third is a ghost town.

There are perfectly good spots left, but they are not open due to the violation I would receive.

I fully agree with making the second floor seniors only, however, the third is a different story. Over the first few weeks, I have seen that there are many open spots – even after the bell. Coming to school early and seeing open spots on the third floor is one thing, but coming to school an hour late and seeing five to ten open spots, is another.

The lack of ability to park on the third floor causes juniors to cram the fourth and even fall back to the fifth. With these tight situations, the students that do not know how to park nor drive start to become noticeable. Junior Joe Little can be seen side swiping a new car every other week because of this problem. Rumor has it that Joe never passed his driving test.

If the seniors get two floors to themselves, then so should the juniors. Allowing the juniors to park on the third floor, or giving the seniors their own parking lot would eventually relieve the issues. Thus all the problems we, as juniors, are having would be solved.

SOURCEAndrew Leyendecker
Andrew Leyendecker is a junior at STH and is on the Golf Team. He enjoys listening to music and "roasting" his friends. An All-American Strait "A" student, Andrew's stories are typically ranked among the top stories in the newspaper.