Blair Witch remake fails to live up to expectations, original


The newest Blair Witch, released on September 16, 2016, was a real bust.

I was excited to see this film but I left the theater severely displeased. The movie was interesting but did not fulfill the main reason people go to scary movies.

I was not scared throughout the movie. The first movie, The Blair Witch Project, was a huge hit. I saw the film for the first time a few years ago and I loved it. I was scared out of my wits because it seemed so real I almost thought of it as a documentary.

The new film referenced the old film but was not nearly as good. The newest film seemed too much like a typical Hollywood scary movie. I could not envision it being real it seemed way too fake.

The only scares throughout the movie were a few adequate pop-up scenes with no real scare. There were no screams heard around the theater and everyone seemed displeased that this film did not meet the expectations set, after the first one that was made back in the 90s.

The film received a dismal and well deserved 35% on rotten tomatoes. Will Leitch stated, in an online article, that “Blair Witch nods to the first film but never rediscovers its power.”  Leitch’s article gives a great comparison between the original and the latest pathetic attempt at a remake. He also describes what the more current version of the film lacks, compared to the original made in 1999.

The newest movie shows very clearly that it is not nearly as good as the original just by looking at the box office sales. The newest Blair Witch only made around 10 million dollars on their opening weekend. The original raised a whopping 30 million on opening weekend alone and went on and netted around 248 million dollars.

Do not spend your precious hard earned money on a ticket to see this film. See any other film before you see this one. This movie was just a desperate attempt to remake a classic. The film is not worth wasting your time over, you will not be scared and you will only be disappointed.

Robert is a Junior at Saint Thomas. He is a Sagittarius. When he is not dominating his fantasy football league, he enjoys spending time with family and friends.