The presidential town hall debate is an essential piece of the presidential campaign for both candidates.

For decades hopeful nominees have clung to the town hall as a means to swing undecided voters. This year’s election represents the pinnacle of this scenario, as millions of voters remain undecided and the independent vote polls at its highest since twenty years ago with Ross Perot in 1996.

Both politically versed, seniors Davis Burns (left) and Ryan Chandler (right) both co-founded the Political Awareness Club (PAC) to reach out to the ever increasing amount of voting-age students. Burns and Chandler, both well-renowned right and left wing students, hope to lead PAC in politically balanced discourses. Photo by: Nathan Bartlett-Will

As the conclusion of this historical and animated election nears, a plethora of new voters comes with it. Davis Burns represented the few of these young voters who are politically educated, as last year he founded the Political Awareness Club along with co-founder Ryan Chandler with the goal of ushering in a forum of civil discussion.

“We educate young people about different views and beliefs, as well as what each party stands for. The PAC will be preserved and it will never die because as there will always be election cycles, which means there will always be meetings.”

Davis Burns, Political Awareness Club co-founder

With every election cycle comes a new set of voters. The longevity of the Political Awareness Club is a quintessential part of educating future voters.

“Our first meeting this year was a discussion in Mary Moody. We brought donuts and heard speeches from a few students. The second meeting was a forum and presentation in Turner Hall. Students were able to spark conversations. Our meetings are always diversified. And, of course, there’s always donuts.”

Ryan Chandler, Political Awareness Club co-founder

The Political Awareness Club acts as an accessible expansion of politics to all students. With strong leadership founded in experience with both Speech and Debate and HAMUN, there is no doubt that the discussion will always be not only educational but lively and jovial as well.

While the club is new, Ryan Chandler and Davis Burns encourage all prospective members to give it a shot, and they ensure that it will be one of the best experiences anyone will have in high school.

Nathan is a Senior at St. Thomas High School. He has been involved in multiple clubs during his tenure at St. Thomas including Speech and Debate, HAMUN, Business Club, Political Awareness (PAC/SUPERPAC), and Publications. He is the editor of Organizations and Clubs for the Aquin yearbook.