Seniors need more college visit days

Senior Graig Alvarez meets with Counselor Michael Lesher to decide between Houston Community College and Lone Star College. The counselors are available all day for students in need of help in regards to anything about college. Photo by: Damon Shekari
Senior Graig Alvarez meets with Counselor Michael Lesher to decide between Harvard University and Stanford University. The counselors are available all school-day for students in need of help in regards to anything about college. Photo by: Damon Shekari

College applications are hopefully starting to come to a close.

Now, it is time to sit back, relax, and let colleges come crawling with full rides and intramural sport scholarships.

Once the list is finalized and opportunities are weighed, the ultimate deciding factor is found in simply going to the campuses and seeing which school has the best feel and where you can best envision yourself living for the next four years, if not more.

But there is a huge roadblock that limits the possibilities of visiting all of the colleges you have an interest in: You are only allowed two college visit days per year.

Not two per semester. Two per year. We are allowed two days out of the 180 to visit the schools that are going to affect the rest of our lives. Well, at least some of the schools. You better cut down that list of schools you are interested in, because you are only going to be able to visit one or two.

I try to see both sides to an argument when I write, but truthfully I do not see any possible negatives of two college visit days per semester. It is not a much more significant time spent away from school, but it opens up so many more opportunities to get the best possible look at colleges, which will minimize the possibility of choosing the wrong school.

Looking at this from a personal standpoint, the lack of available days to go and visit schools is already becoming an issue. I have been fortunate enough to earn an invitation from one of my top choice schools to come visit their business school for a special event in February. As exciting as that is, that one day makes up half of the visit days I have for the entire year.

So, I am not sure how I am supposed to spend my one other visit day. There are two other colleges that I initially planned to visit after being accepted, but it seems as if I am now forced to cut one of those off of my list having never visited it before.

Along with that, I have been invited to two other events at schools I have already been accepted to, but I am unable to visit them for the sake of not missing a couple extra days. I have actually found myself hoping that I do not get accepted in to some of the other schools simply because it would make my visit decisions easier.

Rather than a thorough look at all of the colleges I have researched extensively and worked hard to get accepted to, I am left unable to actually visit them.

I am not questioning or belittling the importance of going to school. I understand and agree with it, and I know how tough it can be to make up work after a day away. However, this is senior year.

This is our last chance to get a good look at the school that is very quickly going to become the center of our lives. However, with only two visit days there is a strong possibility of missing or not visiting the school that would ultimately allow us to be the happiest and the most successful.

Jake is a Senior at St. Thomas High School. He has been involved in many activities during his high school career, including holding the prestigious title of Senior Associate in the Business Club. In his free time he enjoys Arts and Crafts and watching reruns of the Amanda Show. After school you can probably catch him going home because he is tired and wants to take a nap.