Students gather for a hilarious Beat Strake video put together by senior Zachary Zugheri.

The Strake Rally was one of the best pep rallies that I have attended.

The rally featured the appearances of Toro and Tom Eagle. We can clearly see that the Eagle Guard put their hearts and souls into getting us pumped before our match up against Strake.

The rehearsal alone for this pep rally lasted every day for a whole week. The process of planning a pep rally consists of picking a theme, writing a script, editing, and lots of rehearsal. The process takes long hours and the whole procedure lasts around two weeks.

Coach Labus takes Toro for a timeout to take a selfie with the Texans mascot. Freshman Christopher Rootes, son of Jamey Rootes, president of the Houston Texans, went a long way in securing Toro for the unforgettable pep rally.

The people involved in the pep rally never got a chance to prepare with Toro. When he came on Friday afternoon he was just thrown in the mix of the rally without any preparation or consultation with the participators in the rally.

The Eagle Guard, led by Coach Martin, is responsible for planning of the Beat Strake Pep Rally. However the video that was made for the Beat Strake Pep Rally is to be credited to film student senior Zachary Zugheri. This gathering alone seems to be more than the Eagle Guard of last year did at all. I do not remember any pep rallies last year hosting special guests like Toro.

This new standard begs the question: why is Eagle Guard so much better this year in comparison to last year?

“Everyone on the Eagle Guard is committed to satisfying the needs of the student body.”

Drake Bennett, Eagle Guard member

As you might be able to remember, Eagle Guard last year did not even lead the pep rallies. It seemed like the only people who led the rallies were faculty or a few of the football players. They also struggled to get the crowd going at football games. This is no problem this year. The fans are pumped and are on their feet cheering for their Eagles.


This should be credited to the new Eagle Guard. Our new Guard seems to be more unified this year. The guard this year can be easily found in their matching nifty new monogrammed jumpsuits. This leads us to wonder is more work being put in this year or is it just better leadership compared to last year.

See another pep rally organized by the Eagle Guard for KPRC:

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