Not enough time for No Shave November

Senior Ryan Deitz is a legend when it comes to facial hair.
Senior Ryan Deitz is a legend when it comes to facial hair.

To the Editor:

The seniors have been allowed to not have to shave the whole month of November for a small fee. However this year is quite different. The seniors this year were only allowed the opportunity to not shave for a duration of two. Personally it takes me two and a half weeks for anyone to even be able to tell that I have facial hair. The amount of time for one of the senior’s top privileges was sliced in half. This isn’t fair for those like me who take a while to grow their facial hair.

The seniors are only allowed to have their beards during the Nov. 7 through the Nov. 25. Meaning the seniors must be clean shaven for over of a third of the month that they shouldn’t have to be shaving in. However, it is very honorable that the money raised from the event is given to cure prostate cancer. There is a ten dollar fee to participate in the privilege and a five dollar fine for students not participating that show up to school un-shaven. Kudos to administration for donating the money for a good cause but they need to be more aware of time come next November.

Robert Lock