Football athletes look forward to collegiate-level


With the approach of the end of their high school careers, a select group of the 2017 athletes hope to continue their football careers at the next level.

Three athletes in particular, namely seniors Max Brower, Elliot Hammon, and Jairan Parker have already received interest from a variety of schools who hope to have their commitment before the end of their senior year.

Although Hammon is the only senior to have received a material offer to play in college from the University of Puget Sound as of publishing, Brower and Parker expect to receive a variety of offers following the football season. Such expectations are a direct result of having established relationships with a variety of college coaches, and having maintained a consistent stream of conversation with said coaches.

Photo by: Henry Adair

Over the course of the season, Elliot Hammon (above) received interest from a variety of Division III schools.

Among these schools, the University of Puget Sound and Southwestern University have maintained the most consistent stream of conversation with Hammon.

In order to initiate a solid relationship with these schools, Hammon emphasized his interest also including “all of the necessary information that an athletic program needs to further look into a player” (40 yard dash time, shuttle time, GPA, etc).

From the schools who have shown interest, the University of Puget Sound is the first to offer Hammon a scholarship. With the progression of the season, continuing throughout the conclusion of the season, Hammon hopes to be approached by more schools.

Photo by: Justin Van

Throughout his high school career, Max Brower (above) has constantly impressed his peers.

Whether in the weight room or on the field, Brower has consistently surpassed expectations. In fact, Brower has set school records in the weight room and has made appearances on the varsity football team since his sophomore year.

Playing running back and strong safety, Brower has made a name for himself at both positions. Although Brower plays both sides of the ball, he specializes on the defensive side of the ball at strong safety. With his elite speed and strength, Brower holds great advantage over the scrawny wide receivers.

With the approaching conclusion of his high school career, Brower begins to look into the colleges who have shown interest thus far. For example, Brower has kept in close touch with the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater hoping to “further discuss” his options with Whitewater at the end of the season.

In fact, Brower recently attended a Whitewater game in Wisconsin and says that he enjoyed the experience and has a desire to play there assuming the opportunity arises. Whitewater is among the top division three football programs in college football, and Brower hopes to continue his career there.

Photo by: Graig Alvarez

Beginning his school career as a junior transfer, Jairan Parker (above) is another player to make an appearance on both sides of the ball.

Parker plays both quarterback and outside linebacker. Over the course of the summer leading up to the 2016 season, Parker has gone to “several college football camps”, establishing relationships with many different schools.

In doing so, Parker has set himself up with the opportunity to impress these coaches with a solid senior year highlight tape. In order to further his relationships with the coaches of schools, Parker has visited multiple schools over the course of the season including SMU, having attended the game against the University of Houston.

Throughout the summer and for the duration of the season, many schools, both division one and division three, have spoken to Parker. After the conclusion of his senior season, Parker hopes to receive an opportunity to play for one of these schools.

Plays on the football team, and attends St. Thomas.