Ping Pong Club Needed

The ping pong tables at our high school are constantly filled with student competitors honing their skills on a daily basis. It was a brilliant idea to create a game room on campus and add the ping pong tables; however, I would now like to see St. Thomas create a club for the sport.

A club would allow the students to be better organized, especially if the club has a teacher-sponsor.  An organized group with adult oversight would not only allow for games and tournaments but also allow students to practice and improve their skills.  The club could also help match experienced players with new players so everyone could feel included.

The club tournament would also help prove who is the best of the best!  Recently there was a ping pong tournament, and an overwhelming amount of people played. It was a great way to show off everyone’s skills and provide a real sense of comradery. A large percentage of the students signed up for the tournament, and we have seen that popularity continues to grow since then.

Ping pong is quickly becoming one of the favored activities at St. Thomas, being very popular with all of the students, so why not consider making it a club with a teacher-sponsor? Who knows, we might even take on clubs at our rival high schools!