Dear Editor,
This is a topic that is very near and dear to me, not to sound all mushy, but it is!  MLA, or Modern Language Association, to be correct, formatting is my issue.  The MLA is all about setting universal standards on research papers and writing in general.  Then please tell me why I had to wait to hear about it in high school, where every paper I write is dinged for MLA mistakes!  Shouldn’t this be something that is addressed in middle school or even elementary?  If I had been taught these guidelines early on, I wouldn’t have the added stress about MLA correctness along with learning pre-calculus and AP chemistry!  Just saying that a change needs to happen!  Put MLA teaching into the STAR and Iowa Basic Skills tests if this is to be universal.  Can we petition our local governor, the diocese, or HISD?  Tell me, so not only can this subject be brought to light, but it can also help others like me in the future!

Andrew Wusterhausen ’22