Shadow Lunches

The shadow program at St. Thomas is a great way for future Eagles to get to experience a normal day at this great school. However, there is one minor flaw that occasionally poses a problem, and that is the amount of money on lunch cards. When I shadowed last year, the amount on the card was twelve dollars, easily allowing me to get a full, delicious meal for lunch. However, this year the amount on the card has lowered to just ten dollars, often not allowing the shadow to get a full meal or forcing them to have to check the prices of each food. Now, you may be thinking that ten dollars is plenty for a full meal, but it is not. For example, the main entree with two sides is $7.50, plus milk makes $10, leaving no room for a bag of chips or a cookie. The simple solution to this is to bring the amount on the card back to twelve dollars, which will prevent any worry about going over the price on food.