Eagle “Nesting” Day

Covid-19 has changed almost every aspect of our lives, including how we learn. Our St. Thomas community has had to learn how to pivot by implementing a hybrid model of in-class and virtual learning with a block schedule.  Being in a block schedule everyday causes our schedules to overlap, and our homework load is very overwhelming, and comes with early due dates, leaving very little time to complete the work and causing the student body to experience a severe lack of sleep and increased stress levels. Especially for students who play sports inside and outside of school. Therefore, to overcome this problem, I believe we should implement “Eagles Nesting Day” every Wednesday.

Eagles Nesting Day will be a work from home production day, where students do not attend virtual or in-person classes, but instead use this day to complete homework assignments and projects. I believe students should have an opportunity to complete all assignments at their highest level without constant negative thoughts and pressure of, “can I finish this on time while at the same time having enough time to do my other class.” I believe by implementing Eagles Nesting Day every Wednesday, students will be able to relieve stress during these hard times, become healthier mentally, and have more time to perform their best.