Sage Dining Suggestions

Sage Dining Suggestions

Sage Dining has done a tremendous job adapting to Covid-19 guidelines, and consistently providing students with tasty food options. However, Sage Dining can further streamline the process of buying lunch.

Students who are not aware of the food options loiter in the line, consequently many students have less time to enjoy their food. Last year, EBN informed students of food options; recently, student have not been made aware of food options.

Students fill out a Covid-Screener everyday before school, this form could be joined by a lunch order form which gives students the option to order a full meal, snack, or drink. Students who do preorder lunch may receive their food more quickly, bypassing the line and wait time.

Meal Plans, can be made to accommodate for students and their varying circumstances; if parents are late on grocery shopping or are too lazy to make food, a plan could be purchased. Plans would include a meal and drink for lunch and an afterschool snack and drink. Plans could be designed to cater to students, and encompass a certain time frame. This system would eliminate the need for emergency funds and over drafting.

Students could vote on items and food. Last year, many people enjoyed  mac and cheese, steak, and sushi; however, those items were rarely reintroduced. Sage Dining can allow students to vote on items they would like to see reintroduced in the cafeteria, allowing Sage to provide what the students truly want.