Round Up Motivation

Round Up Motivation

Something needs to change! As a senior at St. Thomas High School, I have witnessed 3 years of round-up, and I have progressively gotten less motivated to go above and beyond to sell my quotas. At STH, a third of the student body is on finical aid, and round-up is an event to help finance our Eagle brothers’ educations. It is critical, and an incredible cause and there should not be a lack of motivation to sell quotas.

In order to bring Round Up back to life this year, I think there are two key things that the administration could implement.

First, assembles need to be better. In my opinion, I think round-up assembles are overcrowded and unorganized. My idea to fix this is the split up the student body into two groups: Underclassmen and upperclassmen. I think this way we can have more personalized and motivating assembles. This way the participation of students in the assemblies is going to be more involved. More people will get to participate in the activities. More people will win “free spins”. Fewer students will be packed into such a small space, so kids will be more comfortable. 

The next thing that the administration can do is set up the new class of Eagles with the most experienced Eagles. I think it would be beneficial if freshmen are paired with juniors. This way the juniors can show the freshman the ropes of round up, and help inspire them to follow in the tradition of round up. Juniors are usually the class with the most school spirit. This way the juniors paired with freshmen can follow them as seniors when the freshman become sophomores. This will promote brotherhood and school spirit.