Missing Basketballs Must Be Returned!


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Basketball ball spotlight

Due to the recent stolen basketball coach Davis of the football team asked EBN to send a reminder out to tell the students of St. Thomas to return them. EBN has told each and every student that there are six missing basketball and that if they are not returned students may have to run sprints. Students should return these basketballs as soon as possible for their own sake and the sake of their peers.

Playing basketball during lunch is a privilege that can be taken away by the school if this keeps up. Many students enjoy playing basketball during lunch, community time, and after school but if these balls are not returned or more are stolen then it many cost the student body the accessibility of the basketball court. This would impact all students even those who have nothing to do with the disappearance of the six basketball. If the gym were to be closed for everyone this would not be fair for those students who did not participate in the basketball stealing. So, if any student knows a peer who has taken a basketball or suspects them to have the students should advise his peer to step forward.

This behavior not only effects the students outside of class but inside the classroom as well. Some students use these periods to play basketball to get energy out and if they are unable to do this it will lead to them getting infractions. Not only could more students receive infarction but it would disrupt their peer’s ability to learn in class. Basketball will not be stopped because if the school does not provide balls then students will bring their own so the schools feels it best if they cannot stop basketball they can at least control it. If basketball were to be ended then students would go into the gym unmonitored and get into trouble. The whole of the student body should not suffer nor be forced into actions that could cause trouble for the uncalled-for behavior of a select few so it is advised that those who know who has or has possession of these basketballs come forward.

Coach Davis the football and PE coach would be set more at peace if these basketballs were returned. This not only helps Coach Davis soul but also helps the football team so they are not forced to run. Overall the the returning of these basketballs would benefit the school as a whole all the way from the students and teachers to the coaches. This would also benefit the custodians because if basketball was not played more students would be spread around the school during lunch making their job of cleaning after school more time consuming and harder. If these basketballs are not returned and basketball is banned then this will result to more vandalism and crime in the hallways. For instance, more, students would be inclined to try and steal the basketballs from the room by picking the lock. So, it is asked in the nicest way possible that if anyone knows who has these basketballs they make sure that they are returned.

Instead of stealing something dedicate that time toward something else for example studying because if you are snooping so low to steal basketballs from the school you probably do not have the best grade. For the stake of other students grades and conduct please return the basketballs. For the stake of the teachers and the learning environment please return the basketballs. For the stake of Coach Davis and the football team please return the basketballs. Lastly for your own sake please return the basketballs.